100 things about me

…100 things about me …

I was born on August 30, 1950 in St. Joseph Hospital, Louisville KY.
I grew up in Bardstown KY
There were over 50 kids in my first grade class at St. Joseph School; my teacher, Sr. Margaret Patricia, SCN, was short and not much taller than us. She had no aide and managed all 50+ of us by herself.
My favorite (and best) subject in school was Math. When I was in junior in High School I won an award for the highest school score on a state math test.
I always thought my family was “rich” when I was a child.
One of my ancestors, Christopher Woodard, arrived in Virginia in June, 1620. This was a few months before the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts in December, 1620.
When I was growing up, I had no idea what my ethnic background was. (The general consensus now is that we are Irish-English.)
I could not skip as a child. I can now (sort of). As a 4 year old, this handicap kept me out of dance class.
When I was 5 or 6 years old I wanted a lamb for Xmas. My father checked with the local farmers and on Xmas Eve I was presented with a living baby lamb.
I went to summer camp at Marydale (near Cincinnati) and did not like it. In general, I do not like organized activities.
My mother died suddenly in 1973 when I was 22 years old. (She was 59 years old.)
My father died 10 years later, in 1983.
My maternal grandmother died in 1916 of tuberculosis.
If my father were still alive, he would be 100 years old on his next birthday – January 24, 2007.
I have one sister, Florence Anne, who is 2 years older than me. She lives in a small town in upstate NY. Her husband, Joe, is a doctor. Once when I visited my sister at St. Louis University, she fixed me up on a blind date with Joe. (This was a few years before they started dating.)
My father was a dairy farmer, businessman, mostly functioning alcoholic, extrovert, and I adored him.
I used to love to go with my Dad when he got “slop” for the dairy cows. We bought our slop from the local distilleries. Slop is a hot corn by-product from bourbon-making. We had a special “slop truck” just for hauling slop. Slop has a very distinctive smell to it.
Once all the cows were laying down in the field and wouldn’t get up. It turned out that the “slop” was tainted with bourbon (true story).
My mother was quietly caring, organized, and conservative. I respected and loved her.
My parents married in 1946. My mother was 33 years old and my father was 39. It was the first marriage for each of them.
My sister and I have opposite personalities, but we get along well most of the time.
I attended only Catholic schools from 1st grade through graduation from college.
I never knew an Orthodox Jew until I was 23 years old and living outside of New York City.
I was never any good at sports, but always loved to swim.
When I was a child, there was a time when I thought I was called to be a cloistered Carmelite nun.
I don’t like chocolate ice cream.
I don’t like dealing with money.
I prefer Apple to PC.
I have been to every state in the USA except North Dakota, Hawaii, and Minnesota.
I have had machine guns pointed at me.
I walked out of a job in the passion of a moment, and still consider it one of the noblest things I’ve done.
My favorite season is autumn.
The first time I smoked marijuana (1969), I had a scary experience (the room flipped), and I never much liked marijuana after that.
I like to drink tea.
I like good dry white wines, especially Chardonnay.
Blueberries are my favorite berry (are cherries, berries?).
In 1960 I stayed up all night with my father to see the election results declare that John F. Kennedy had become president.
In 1968 I shook Richard Nixon’s hand at the KY Derby.
I married John when I was 22 years old (1973). We (I) wrote our own marriage vows (with loopholes, in my opinion).
I prefer to eat at a table outside rather than inside (mostly).
For more than 20 years of my life (from age 25 to 45), I was trying to get pregnant.
I have visited prisoners on Death Row.
John and I lived in 8 different states the first 7 years we were married: NY, IA, MI, OR, WA, VA, NY, FL.
I prefer boxers to briefs.
I have spent 2 nights in jail.
After graduating from college I worked in Chicago doing statistics for an Insurance company and lived in an apartment over a hot dog store.
I met Timothy Leary in Switzerland in 1972.
I have been robbed twice.
The farthest South I have been is Maracaibo, Venezuela; the most northerly place I have been is Reykjavik, Iceland; the farthest East I have been is Athens, Greece; and the most westerly point is Juneau, Alaska.
I played hookey on my first day of High School (September 1964) to see the Beatles live at the Indiana State Fair in Indianapolis.
I prefer one-on-one meetings to parties.
My favorite color is somewhere between blue and purple.
I have never been with a person at the moment of death.
I have worked for the FBI.
I was attacked by a large German Shepherd dog when I was 7 years old.
I prefer doing nothing to being busy.
I like health food grocery stores (but they are still too expensive).
Collard greens (cooked with onion, garlic, and tomatoes in olive oil) are my favorite vegetable.
I won $155 from a $5 bet on #7 (Proud Clarion) at the 1967 KY Derby. This was on a tip from the town’s fortune teller, Miss May. I haven’t won anything since.
The first time I bowled, I threw all gutter balls. My highest bowling score is 160, which was the only time I ever bowled over 50 and was a total fluke. (My husband still has the computer printout to prove it.)
I daydream about about designing and building a very simple, modern Zen house on the banks of a lake or river.
I rarely watch TV and think it is mostly “dumb” (which is why my son says that he majored in Radio/TV Broadcasting in college).
I took a theology course (required for graduation) in 1971 at the University of Dayton called “Sacraments”. I was deep into a religious rebellion at the time, but wrote a thought-provoking paper for this class, insisting that the sacredness of each of the 7 sacraments be placed in the ordinary events of life, rather than the ritual of a ceremony. The professor, a former priest, wrote on my paper: “Treasure always your creative tension!” and gave me an “A”.
I used to hitch-hike with my college roommate. Our longest trip was from Dayton Ohio, to St. Louis, to Chicago, and back to Dayton.
I once went to a storefront church service in Mobile Alabama where people spoke in tongues.
I love to get up early, and to be the first one up in the house.
My middle name is “Queen”, which is also my mother’s maiden name.
I once stepped directly on the spike of a Stingray, and had to go to the emergency room. They pumped me with pain killers until someone came in and told them that “heat” was the natural antidote to neutralize the Stingray’s poison. After a very hot footbath, the pain was gone and I was ready to go home.
During the Cuban Missile Crisis, I went with my family to tour a model basement “bomb shelter” at Fort Knox. We did this on Sunday after church.
In my next life I would like to be a professional dancer.
I have no tattoos, and only one piercing in each ear. I suspect that if I were younger I would have more piercings in my ears, and possibly a Celtic tattoo.
I don’t like a lot of stuff on pizzas; I especially don’t like pepperoni or sausage on pizza.
I don’t manicure my hands (other than to cut my fingernails), but I’m tempted to get my toenails glitter-painted.
I used to smoke cigarettes. I had my first cigarette when I was 16 years old and was hooked after the first one. I started seriously trying to quit at the age of 25. I quit for good for 2 years only to start again. And quit again and start again. For a few years I was a closet smoker, and no one knew I was smoking. I now have not had a cigarette for over 10 years – in the closet or out.
I am an insomniac, and often get up in the middle of the night and do things. I have been doing this since I was a teenager. Insomnia runs in my family.
My preferred method of travel is by train. 2nd choice is a bicycle.
I am allergic to peppermint. It makes me sneeze.
I hate Hummers.
I have been deaf in my left ear most of my life. In August 2006 I will have a screw put in my skull so that I can attach a BAHA (bone attached hearing aide). When I tried the BAHA out (without the screw), I felt like a speaker had been turned on in my head. I could actually *feel* the nerves *hearing* for the first time.
I do not have a green thumb, and much to my dismay, most plants put in my care do not do well. An exception is a strange little mangrove plant in a small pot on my kitchen table. It is almost 2 years old now.
I worked for almost 10 years designing the geometrical arrays of Integrated Circuits.
I like storms and “bad weather”.
I don’t drink coffee.
I have a good sense of direction, and if I have been someplace once, I can find my way there again.
I like good pens, but I type more than I write these days. I like to sit down with a nice pen and write things out by hand, though.
I went to a counselor for a for awhile when I was in my early 40’s. I found it very helpful – essential, in fact. I was emotionally stuck and don’t see how I could have gotten through it without outside professional help.
Public prayer makes me nervous.
I am not very good working with my hands. I tend to fumble.
I read the all of the books of the Chronicles of Narnia to my son before he was 5 years old.
The first time I had sushi was in the early 1970’s in a little Japanese restaurant across the street from the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. I was amazed at how much I liked it.
I do not like to eat anything from a wooden stick or to use wooden chopsticks. If I eat a popsicle, I only eat the part that is not near the wooden stick.
My lucky number is 7.
I do not like job interviews.
I am fascinated with clowns, particularly mimes.
I am more afraid of electrical storms than hurricanes.
I am an INFJ (Meyers-Brigg) and a “ONE” (Enneagram).
I prefer socialism to capitalism.
I am more likely to be early than late (my father used to tell us, when we were going to the airport, to “always leave time for a puncture”.)
I am drawn to desert lands – the desert of Eastern Washington, New Mexico. I would like to visit Kandahar, Afghanistan.
And there’s a whole nuther side to things that this list totally misses … but for that, you have to let me take you to lunch!