lottery ticket

when I win the lottery
they will tell me
that I don’t have to work any moreor worry
that I don’t have to sell my soul
or give my day
to someone else’s profit any morecomplete with traffic jams
alarm clocks
lunch breaks and
air-conditioned and windowless buildings
my life will be my own
to live as I see that it should be lived
and I will have everything I need
to fill that dream
every day
I will rest in the quiet blessedness of that day
knowing its unique beauty and wonder
that I am here
I will enjoy the pleasure of my body
in a physical world 
eating simple food
feeling the wind on my face
and the way my body moves in water
touching and being touched by others
I will laugh
with my own happiness
I will not worry about money any more
or being productive and important
I will not need the things they say I need
because I will know that I already have
more than I could ever need
of the things of life
I will follow my longings,
gaze at morning skies
and get lost in the all-enfolding silence that
surrounds me
I will finally claim the happiness
that is my body
and my life.July 2004